Brief Talks. Big Ideas.

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TheoEd Talks is an ecumenical speaker series that brings together leading thinkers in the church, the academy and the non-profit world to give the talk of their lives in 20 minutes or less. By packaging powerful ideas in bite size talks, this series provides an accessible, compelling, and thoughtful way for Christians to deepen their faith and explore important questions about God, theology, and the power of belief to shape lives and communities.  

In essence, TheoEd Talks seeks to do for the Bible, religion, and spirituality what the popular TED series has done for Technology, Entertainment and Design.  

A live TheoEd Talks event is hosted annually by First Presbyterian Church in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. Each talk is retained in the form of high quality audio podcasts and videos, complete with behind the scenes interviews with former TheoEd Talk speakers. These materials can be accessed for free on our website and are designed to be used not only to enrich individual faith formation but also to guide conversations in Sunday School classes, small groups, and Bible studies. 

First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta  |  1328 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309