What is TheoEd Talks? 

TheoEd Talks is a faith-based speaker series launched by the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta in 2017. Guided by FPC's Scholar in Residence, Ryan Bonfiglio, and through strategic partnerships with Atlanta-based churches and seminaries, this series brings together leading thinkers in the church and the academy to give the talk of their lives in 20 minutes or less. These talks are neither sermons nor lectures. Rather, they are TED Talk-style presentations that seek to spark conversations about God, religion, and the power of faith to shape lives and communities.

Whether you regularly attend church or are someone who is just curious about faith, TheoEd Talks offers a fresh, compelling, and accessible way to go deeper in your own spiritual journey.

This series embodies St. Anselm’s definition of theology: ‘faith seeking understanding.’ Such outward seeking understanding requires faith to engage all levels of public discourse. As theology engages the world, so the world revitalizes theology. TheoEd talks captures well the feedback loop.
— Dr. Bill Brown, Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

Three Ways to Connect

Annual TheoEd Talk
events in Atlanta, featuring 3 keynote speakers.

Videos of individual
talks and interviews with each speaker.

Stream on SoundCloud
or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.