Featured Talks


Diana Butler Bass
Jesus the Ingrate: The Subversive Politics of Gratitude

Award-winning author Diana Butler Bass explores how cultivating lives of gratitude can help us more deeply experience the transformative and subversive reign of God in our lives and in this world.

Science Mike McHargue
Wishing for the End: Responding to America’s Suicide Crisis

With compelling vulnerability, podcaster and author Mike McHargue de-stigmatizes suicide and calls the church to be on the front lines of addressing the crisis of suicide in our society.


Pete Enns
Reimagining an Ancient God

OT scholar Pete Enns shows how the Bible, rather than giving simple answers about faith and life, models for us a process of reimagining the way in which God communes with humanity.

Patrick Reyes
Wanted: Dead or Alive

What does it mean that God calls each of us to life? Latinx practical theologian Patrick Reyes explores the idea of vocation through the lens of the biblical story of Hagar and Ishmael.


Paul Wallace
There's Something Holy Out There

Are science and faith inherently incompatible? Drawing on the book of Job and his training as an astrophysicist, Paul Wallace reveals how science and faith both bring us face to face with beauty and mystery.  

Lauren Winner
Unexpected Metaphors for God

The Bible is packed with metaphors for God, only a few of which are used in church. Author Lauren Winner explains how engaging overlooked divine metaphors can open up new avenues for spiritual growth. 


Shane Claiborne
Resurrecting Church

In this perspective-changing talk, activist and author Shane Claiborne probes what it would look like for the church to rediscover its calling to stand for life and love in the midst of the challenges of poverty and gun violence. 

Gregory C. Ellison, II
A Picture of an Activist?

Reflecting on protests in Ferguson and the work of Howard Thurman, Gregory Ellison probes questions about identity, vocation, and how Christians can fight for freedom in authentic ways.  


Amy-Jill Levine
Jesus, Judaism, and Justice

Weaving together scholarly insight and personal story, noted Jewish New Testament scholar Amy-Jill Levine examines Jesus' claim to be "the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6) from an interfaith perspective.  

Brent Strawn
Reading the Bible as Poetry

What if we thought about the Bible not as a story but as a poem? Old Testament professor Brent Strawn explores how reading Scripture as poetry can transform how we understand its content and function.