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Mihee Kim-Kort is an ordained Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister with degrees in divinity and theology from Princeton Theological Seminary and English Literature and Religious Studies from the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder. She is a PhD student in Religious Studies at Indiana University.

Born in Seoul, Korea, she and her parents immigrated to the United States shortly after her birth. Her work explores topics related to Asian-American feminist theology, kinship, identity, and spirituality. Her writing and commentary can be found in outlets such as TIME, USA Today, the Huffington Post, the Christian Century, On Being, Sojourners, and Faith and Leadership.

Her books include:

Mihee loves all things Church, and believes in what God is doing in and through it, even despite the huge failings and egos that plague the human institution. God’s spirit has always moved and been present on the margins, on the fringes, on the edges, and she is doing everything she can to see it and help others to feel it, too.

She is married to another Presbyterian minister, and they live with their three kids in Hoosier country.

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